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Beauty salon of the best mood. A place of beautiful people. A special place with a special atmosphere where you are loved and awaited. And they know how to make beautiful, a day - joyful, and an image - stylish Chic barber shop visitors are always up to date with the latest trends in the world of beauty. They know exactly what haircut or styling they want today.

The place where
you get better

Here comes people Truly bold and stylish, confident. They like to attract attention and stand out among the crowd. And we are pleased to make such people even more interesting and attractive. .

Kids are also in Trends

Kids who come to us with pleasure , cut hairs by our professionals. Of course, they do not quite know a lot about fashion, but their mothers and fathers definitely trust us.



Haircuts in 15 minutes Our masters with extensive experience and know the technique of quick haircuts. We do not provide services that take a lot of time, so a haircut takes an average of 15 minutes.


We care about your health therefore, The tool goes through 4 degrees of cleaning and sterilization, STERILE TOOL FOR EACH CLIENT.

  • Location

    Out beauty salon loated in the city center

  • Sterile

    We are for the health of our customers! Only sterile instruments

  • Rates

    The most acceptable rates for all our services

  • No need to call

    No need to sign up for a haircut - just come over

Find us

  • Address

    Street. 123

  • Working Hours :

    8:00 - 2:00

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